aesthete: (ess-theet)

 /noun/   1. one who is appreciative of  and sensitive to art and beauty.

Aesthete Weddings:  Part of Your Forever

At Aesthete Wedding Photography, we are an experienced young team of professional photographers and videographers, who treat the task of being a significant  part of your forever with all the care and warmth it deserves.

Our content is intimate and gentle in the quiet moments where it needs to be; that last reassuring glimpse in the mirror before it all becomes real, an embracing squeeze from your loved ones, 

the best man giving an unfiltered speech , the confetti sparking off as you walk back down the aisle with the biggest smiles of your day.


We create keepsakes that galvanise in value as the years flicker past; keepsakes not only for you,  but for your children, grandchildren, and the generations to come; we create keepsakes that become a part of your forever.


And what to expect of us on your special day?

We are friendly, kind and down to earth folks, who enjoy striking the perfect balance between professionalism and comfort. Having shot over 100 weddings since 2017, we are well versed on every nuance and possibility a wedding day can bring, and so beyond being your photographers, we also come filled with a wealth of useful insight, foresight and experience.

Based in Sunshine Coast/Gympie, QLD, but never here for long; we are  ready to travel for your special day.  Whether your wedding is being held in Gympie, the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Brisbane or anywhere in between, we are happy to be there (no travel fees!). We are also available to travel Interstate and Internationally for clients, and frequently do.


Email for a custom travel quote today!

We can't wait to hear about you, and your dreams for your perfect day.

Aesthete Film and Photography: Winners of the 2018 Chamber of Commerce Business Awards "Judges Choice"

We would love to hear from you on 0447 255 919, if your call is missed please leave a message so we can avoid spam calls and get back to you ASAP. 

Or if you prefer email us through the contact form.