dream team.





Founder | Post  Production, Photographer

Your point of contact and vibe creator! Jazmyn is responsible for wholistic booking management and post production, ensuring your content meets our unique Aesthete atmosphere, with custom colour profiles creating intimacy and depth; an extension of the story told within your photographs.

x  Adores all things floral & vintage aesthetics
x Swoons over mountain-scapes, weather-worn
sculptures and rainy skies
x   Analoge film enthusiast

Head Photographer

Head photographer for our Aesthete clients, Max is adept at navigating wedding days with professionalism, a relaxed attitude and a warm presence. His exceptional technical skill creates superior beautiful imagery, essential for capturing the most important day of your life.

x  Loves travelling for work (& for travel's sake)

x  Always eager to push his photography
in new creative directions

 Winter over summer any day

x  Avid snowboarder, wake boarder + drone pilot