dream team.





owner | film, photography & production

x  adores all things floral and vintage aesthetics
x swoons over mountain-scapes, weather-worn
sculptures and rainy skies
x   analoge film enthusiast
x  devoted mumma and wife

photography & production

x  loves travelling for work (& for travel's sake)

x  always stoked to push his photography
in new creative directions

winter over summer any day

x  avid snowboarder, wake boarder + drone pilot

film & production

x enjoys soaking in the great outdoors

x inspired by vast, luscious landscapes

x craft beer + coffee enthusiast

x currently studying education at usc
x digs slow-mo and films with heart

admin assistant

x  devoted plant mumma

x  passionate about self love and mental health

x  survives on vegan desserts

x lover of nature and all it's creatures!